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AP33 Hydrogen Sampler Sensistor

AP33 Hydrogen Sampler SensistorCharacteristics:

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GasFET sensor


Instant Hydrogen Analysis

  • Results in seconds
  • High sensitivity
  • High selectivity
  • Automatic monitoring
  • Automatic sampling
  • Automatic calibration
  • PC and printer output
  • Compact and robust

Unique selectivity
The new Hydrogen Sampler AP33 from Sensistor Technologies is the quickest and simplest way of analysing low concentrations of hydrogen gas. Combined with the Hydrogen Detector H2000 the unit has a unique selectivity to hydrogen and gives an accurate number within a few seconds, independent of the presence of hydro-carbons and water vapour. H2S does however affect the sensor and needs to be removed with a H2S filter connected to the sample input (optional).

Results in seconds
Single measurements are straightforward. Simply press a button and the Hydrogen Sampler draws a gas sample. The results are presented within seconds on the detectors display. Output data (date, time and hydrogen concentration) can be fed to a printer or a computer. When fed to a Windows PC the data can be plotted real-time in our Excelbased software.

Simple and rapid
The Hydrogen Sampler AP33 is very simple to commission and operate. Warm-up time is only one minute. The sample can be drawn by pressing a button or automatically by programmable settings. Calibration is done by pressing a button and is completed within seconds. The simplicity and speed is fenomenal compared to gas chromatography (GC). Thanks to its small size and robustness the unit can easily be transported and installed in different locations.

The Hydrogen Sampler AP33 is a product of the Sensistor Technologies GmbH, Made in Europe.


GasFET sensor

Technical Data:
  • Measuring range: 0,5 – 500 ppm hydrogen gas (H2)* (other ranges optional)
  • Accuracy: +/- 10%
  • Resolution: two significant digits
  • Measurement time: 2-3 seconds
  • Overall dimensions (hxwxd): 100 x 275 x 205 mm, 3.9 x 10.8 x 8.1 inches
  • Total weight: 6,2 kg (13,7 lbs)
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