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Functional Polymers

Innovative material development

Using the functional polymers we have developed, we can adjust product properties well while keeping material usage low. Binding catalyst complexes to polymers for example can increase the duration of the catalyst, or lead to the realisation of novel interface active systems.

Volatile substances bound to polymers can be handled safely. Thus polymer bound substances can spread their activity without endangering people or the environment. This kind of technology allows us to achieve the REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) aims without the need for extensive approval procedures.


Mecadi works centrally on the development and manufacturing of polyvinylalcohole derivatives and series products. Mecadi gives its customers access to existing substance libraries with different functionalities, degrees of functionalization and molar masses.

Mecadi produces these derivatives in kg-amounts. Technical amounts can be produced by manufacturing partners. Mecadi supports its customers during the application development of for example polymer coating experiments.

The access to new polymeric substances with unique characteristics was developed in co-operation with the Research Centre in Karlsruhe.

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