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Diffusion Processes in Advanced Technological Materials

Diffusion Processes in Advanced Technological MaterialsAuthor: Devendra Gupta
Category: Materialtechnik
Audience: International engineers and scientists in industry and academia in surface science, materials science, semiconductors, microelectronics, nanotechnology

Table of content (PDF)

Language: en
Copyright: 2005
Pages: 566
6 x 9, Hardcover
ISBN: 0-8155-1501-4


This new game book for understanding atoms at play aims to document diffusion processes and various other properties operative in advanced technological materials. Diffusion in functional organic chemicals, polymers, granular materials, complex oxides, metallic glasses, and quasi-crystals among other advanced materials is a highly interactive and synergic phenomenon. A large variety of atomic arrangements are possible. Each arrangement affects the performance of these advanced, polycrystalline multiphase materials used in photonics, MEMS, electronics, and other applications of current and developing interest. This book is written by pioneers in industry and academia for engineers, chemists, and physicists in industry and academia at the forefront of todays challenges in nanotechnology, surface science, materials science, and semiconductors.


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  • Emphasizes interrelated diffusion along multiple path, microstructure, micro-chemistry fields of all kinds, particularly of the interfaces.
  • Contains an entire chapter devoted to computer simulations of diffusion at the atomic level.
  • Treats high temperature applications.
  • Treats metal diffusion in polymers and on polymer surfaces.
  • Treats electromigration in copper thin films.
  • Treats newly discovered high temperature super conducting cuprates and some piezoelectric ceramics.
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