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The American guideline ASTM D1418 (American Society for Testing and Materials) categorizes the fluoroelastomers into three subgroups:

  • FKM (fluorocarbon elastomer)
  • FFKM (perfluorinated elastomers)
  • FVMQ (fluorosilicone elsatomers)

FKM and FFKM are fluoroelastomers based on a pure carbon skeletal structure. They differentiate one to each other by the presence of hydrogen atoms within the polymer-chain. In the perfluorinated elastomers (FFKM) there are no hydrogen atoms present, whereas in the fluoroelastomers there are, in addition to the fluorine atoms, also hydrogen atoms. The FVMQ differ from the other two fluoroelastomer-classes by the presence of silicone atoms within the polymer’s skeletal structure.

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