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Polyvinylfluoride (PVF)

Polyvinylfluoride (PVF)Description:

Polyvinylfluoride (PVF) is a fluorine-containing polymer. PVF is a thermoplastic and belongs to the fluorine synthetic class of polymers. By polymerizationreaction the vinylfluoirde molecules are jointed to each other to form chains (polymer resin). This specific plastic is also well known by his trade name TEDLAR from DuPont. The fluorine fraction in the polymerchain effectuates improved self-firmness as a result of the increased chemical bond strength. PVF can be used in a temperature domain: –70°C till 110°C and it is soil-resisting.


  • form release agent
  • autoclave procedure
  • laminated material
  • circuit boards
  • isolation for airplanes
  • interior equipment for airplanes
  • external enclosure for trucks
  • sound- and humidityisolation
  • protection coating for fibre-optic plates
  • roofline
  • marquee
  • wallpaper
  • marks
  • coating for tubes
  • sailcloth
  • protecting enevolpe for thermoplastics
  • adhesive splicing tape
  • isolation for cables


Polyvinylfluoride (PVF)

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