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Determination of thickness (plastic films) according to DIN 53370

Determination of thickness (plastic films) DIN 53370Description:

Determination of thickness by mechanical gauging.

Result Unit:
Millimeter (mm) or micrometer (µm)

(Related) Standards:

DIN 53370

Test method:

According to the norm, the thickness is measured along a line in the middle of the sample stripe at least at 10 points distributed over the length (distance max. 20 cm) and the arithmetic average is calculated. Optionally also different configuration of the checkpoints are possible according to sample.

Detection limit:
Possible accuracy at Mecadi:
+/-1 µm (norm: +/-1 µm for 10-100 µm, +/-2% for > 100 µm).

Required specimen:

Send us samples of at least 10 cm in width. According to the norm, the sample consists of a stripe of at least 10 cm in width across the full web width or along the length of the web. We normally test samples with a thickness of 20 µm - 3 mm, others on demand. The samples should be representative for the material, free of defects and uniform in thickness. Testing of three independent samples each is recommended, no min. number of samples is specified by the standard.

Testing medium:

Structured and unstructered plastic films (testing method F).

Test conditions:

Ambient temperature.

You find this article here as a PDF. We also do the test sample manufacture for you.

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